This is not a real place, but the digital experience is

Welcome to Airship's digital engagement showcase

This is how we do digital engagement for the hospitality industry

This is The Joiner's Kitchen Airship fictional restaurant with a very real digital experience.

Sign up to The Joiner's Kitchen to see some of the basic, but powerful automated journeys that your customers could be taken through.

Stick in your details to become part of The Joiner's Kitchen Family and see the customer experience first hand


What you can expect when you sign up?

Over the next few days you'll get a flurry of different messages to showcase some of the journeys. We encourage you to click through the links and try the booking and feedback journeys.

The messages will then slow down to a trickle over the coming months to further showcase context based comms and hopefully give you some great ideas for your own marketing.

What we've done here is set out, really simply, the 'value exchange' for your database. We've explained what you can expect when you join. Setting it out from the outset helps frame and focus what your database is for, as well as helping build an engaged database that looks out and engages with your messages.

New customer welcome journeys

See an example of the journey someone is taken through when they sign up to your database.

Experience birthday emails

Birthday emails drive bookings. See the customer journey when you sign up. We'll use a fake date to avoid waiting around!

Drive visits with Airship's PoP segments

Airship's PoP segments allow you to learn how often your guests are visiting your venues and gives you the tools you need to drive repeat visits and instil loyalty in your guests.

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