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Stick in your details below and become a member of The Joiners Kitchen Family. You'll be taken through a variety of automated email options and we’ll showcase some of the mechanics and campaigns that you can create on Airship this will serve as an example to show what someone signing up to your database could experience.


What we've done here is set out, really simply, the 'value exchange' for your database. We've explained what you can expect when you join. Setting it out from the outset helps frame and focus what your database is for, as well as helping build an engaged database that want to hear from you.

New customer welcome journeys

See an example of the journey someone is taken through when they sign up to your database.

Experience birthday emails

Birthday emails drive bookings. See the customer journey when you sign up. We'll use a fake date so you don't have to wait around!

See unique codes in action

Give a strong visit incentive, and get trackable, smart insights on your efforts. See it in action.

Stick in your details to become part of The Joiner's Kitchen Family and see the customer experience first hand

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The Joiner's Kitchen is a fictional restaurant dreamt up by Airship that showcases just the surface of their awesome CRM capabilities. Join The Joiner's Kitchen and see what happens.

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